Modeling Info

At Fast Cash Media Group our philosophy is that we are only as good as our talent. All of our projects and services rely on them, we treat our male and female models and performers with respect. Proud of and not afraid to stand behind our reputation, ask around about us. You will hear good things.

Why Should you work with us?

We Pay More – Pretty simple actuallyon average we pay a higher rate for our projects than most other producers shooting what we do. Hard to believe I know but check us out, chances are we are paying higher rates.
Professional Studio – We shoot at a safe professional studio. We do not shoot in hotels or unsafe locations.
Professional Staff – For us this is a business, not a hobby. Everyone here makes a living from this, our interests are professional and money motivated.
Easy Shoots – We shoot in a controlled setting and we are organized. Seldom is there a day longer than eight hours of shooting. No waiting around for talent or crew, no party time, you get in, shoot and get out. More time for you to make money on other shoots.
Respect – We shoot within your limits. We will not try and convince you to shoot something you dont want to. If the work is available for you at the comfort level you choose, that’s what we shoot. No pressure.
GET PAID!!! – If you shoot you get paid, that simple. No profit sharing or content trade. And no payroll or waiting to get paid.
We have the work. – We shoot for a variety of clients and are adding new ones all the time.
Privacy and Safety – We have dozens of references from girls that have been completely happy with us and how we respect their safety and privacy. Referrals available upon request.

We are producers, not agents. The only work we have for you is for our productions. We do work with agents, but we do not book you for work outside of what we have available. This benefits you because we have the work waiting. No promises, no BS, no run around. If you are ready for work, we are ready to pay you.

If you do have representation, chances are your agent is aware of us. Insist that they send you our way for work. You will be glad you did.

We have been at this for a long time and our reputation speaks for itself. We have been the starting point for some of the top names in the biz, Paulina James, Candy Madison, and many others have all got there start with us.

Read to get started? Fill out the online application, and lets get shooting.